Dynamic Roofing and Painting

Dynamic Roofing and Painting

Dynamic Roofing and Painting

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About Us

We are Dynamic Roof and Painting, established 35 years ago. We are a fully insured building and construction industry. We comply with all Health and Safety Regulations. We are a 100% BEE company. Providing All your needed innovation and renovation for both residential as well as commercial projects.

  • We provide various services such as High Pressure Cleaning of roofs, walls, pavings etc
  • Roof repairs and replacement to most types of roofs
  • Waterproofing of torch on, and acrylic
  • Painting of Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Specialists in all types of damp treatments
  • Complete turnkey renovations
  • Replacement and repairs to all ceilings and dry wall partitions
  • Carpentry Work
  • All Electrical Works
  • All plumbing Works
  • Minor Building works
Shean Painters
Business Name

Shean Painters 
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Shean Painters only values quality service, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paint. We have used only the cleanest, healthiest paints and finishes for the residential and commercial industries right from when the company opened its doors, it was only natural to offer our services to benefit our markets needs. Our paints contain no acrylic, no fungicide, no co-polymers and no worries! Our paints are very much needed, as your health demands it, and we will provide it.

Our Commitment

In any business, client satisfaction should be a top priority, and that is what we have build ourselves on. From the healthiest products that demonstrate satisfactory results, to the highest standards of quality, and to share ideas to help you restore, rejuvenate and reimagine furniture. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our extensive services and look forward to helping you fulfill your creative need and bring your home or business to life.

Painting services

painting servicespainting services

Residential and Industrial

We offer the service of painting residential homes of all sizes, small or large, as well as industrial factories and offices. We offer you the choice of either painting a specific room or the whole premises itself and we also assist in repairing any form of wall damage, such as cracks, nail pops and holes, before proceeding in preparing and proceeding in the painting process, this includes the case of removing wallpaper and replacing it with a painted surface. In the process of preparation, we will move all furniture that has the possibility of paint damage and protecting it by means of either moving it to a safe place or by covering it with a sheet of protective material.

Painting - redecoratingpainting - walls

Interior and Exterior

Our painting services include both interior and exterior surfaces which all in all, provide a good overall update and look should you decide to completely paint your company premises or your personal home inside and out. Preparation for the exterior of your premises includes removing any form of debris, dirt and nails then masking the windows and doors as well as their frames. This will make attention to detail a lot easier to execute and as a result will improve the speed of the painting process. The paint that we use is of high quality and as a result will withstand all weather conditions for a long period of time.


Specialise in all paintwork

We specialise in all forms of paintwork (including touch-ups, repaints, etc) for any kind of building or premises such as flats, residential homes, company factories, office blocks, public buildings and other types of buildings available.  Our services are available in all parts of the Cape Town region and we offer them at competitive prices. Just contact us via email or a phone call and one our friendly consultants will be able to assist you in the best possible way and provide you with additional information along with a quote to suit your requirements.

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