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Palm Tyre Maitland
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Palm Tyre Service Maitland

10 Cannon Street
Maitland Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 511 6283

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Welcome to Palm Tyre – The Best Tyre Deal In Town

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About Us

It is perhaps a bit unusual to meet a woman owner of a tyre business, but Moira Ross of Palm Tyre Service at 10 Cannon Street, Maitland does not have to stand back one inch for her male peers. She has been involved with tyres since a very young age, and last year Palm Tyre Service proudly celebrated its 60th birthday. The youngest of four children, Moira was always around, running errands for her father, Neville Ross, who started the business after he returned from World War way back in 1946. Although she first worked at a lights and electrical appliances shop called Edel Art, and then as fashion rep in Namibia, she came back to South Africa and to Palm Tyre Service in 1980.

“I had no work and just stood around until they started sending me around, asking me to do odd jobs. In that way I got involved in the tyre business,” she explains.

When her father died in 1995 at the age of 73, Moira took over the business. Her brother Basil runs a branch in George and Howard, her nephew, runs the Strand branch very successfully.

It doesn’t take long to realise that Moira knows all there is to know about tyres. And this writer wishes she had known about Palm Tyre Service long ago. I remember the fIrst time I had to have a puncture fixed, and then later having to replace tyres.  Knowing absolutely nothing about the topic, it was rather intimidating for me walking into a tyre business and asking for something completely unfamiliar. I felt so stupid. If only I knew then about Moira at Palm Tyre Service, it definitely would have been the place to go. Moira offers an invitation to women to have their vehicles’ tyres checked. “So many women’s cars serve as a ‘Mom’s taxi’. Bring your car we will make sure that everything is safe and legal, and that everything works properly,” she says. “Women usually don’t look after their tyres. We can do that for you, so that you and Your passengers (many times other parents’
children) can be safe.

“When we check the balancing, we also check the tyre pressure and other general problems such as CV joints, bearings, shocks and brake pads.”

Palm also offers the following services:
• Wheel balancing.
• Wheel alignment.
• Free rotation of tyres if two or more tyres have been bought from Palm Tyre Service.

This is done to prolong the life …,… All new, well-known brands tyres are available at Palm Tyre Service, including Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Kumho. Michelin and Pirelli. “Although Michelin is definitely my favourite brand of tyre, I am prowd to say that South African tyre producers are manufacturing world-class tyres that are now being exported, thanks to their good quality.”Locally made tyres are excellent because they are specifically made for local conditions.”Good tyres are very important to ensure the safety of passengers of a vehicle,” says Moira “A survey showed that between 14% and 25% of road accidents are caused by smooth tyres.

“Remember that the gripping ability on dry road of a tyre with lmm of tread compared to one with 3mm means it takes 25% more distance to stop a vehicle. In wet weather a smooth tyre has no grip on the road at all,” says Moira. The name of the business came from a giant palm tree on the premises, situated on Cannon Street, and now Palm Tyre Service has become a landmark in Maitland.  On Palm Tyre Service’s license stickers and specially made fridge magnets there is a horse shoe logo. It was incorporated in the logo because my father was a keen horse man. He owned race horses himself and had many friends in racing circles.

“Years ago Cannon Road was the main road between the two major racecourses in Milnerton and Kenilworth. Many trainers, racehorse owners and jockeys used to meet at Palm Tyre Service to do jackpots and have their tyres serviced,” says Moira. “I’ve had great times over the past 36 years and I have many regular customers. My Passion is Palm Tyre Service, and it brings me great joy to come to work every day. “I’d like to thank all my faithful customers and amazing suppliers for their friendship, loyalty and laughs over the years,” says Moira. The majority of clients at Palm Tyre Service come to the business thanks to word-of-mouth, and her staff are friendly and look happy.

Services We Offer at Palm Tyre Service

·         New Tyres

·         Puncture Repair

·         Wheel Fitment

·         Wheel Balancing

·         Wheel Alignment

·         Free Fitment, Rotation, Balancing if tyres are bought at Palm Tryes

·         Tyre Service

All new well known brands of tyres are available at Palm Tyre, including: Michelin, BF Goodrich, Pirelli, Yokohama, Dunlop, Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Kumho, Merit, Falken, Hercules, Continental.

Pop in and let our friendly staff solve your tyre headaches!

Products offered at Palm Tyre Service!

4×4, bakkies, trucks, cars, motorbikes, tractors we supply them all!

BF Goodrich, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Dunlop, Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Kumho, Merit, Falken, Hercules, Continental

Peninsula Pool Renovations


Peninsula Pool Renovations

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T: 021 532 2774

C: 079 845 4445

F: 086 636 4985


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Peninsula Pool Renovations



what we do

Our Core business

  • New Gunite pools or Brick, Steel and Concrete constructed pools
  • Renovation, re-shaping and re-sizing of existing pools
  • Marble plaster lining of new and existing swimming pools using Cemcrete Pool Crete pool plaster
  • Fibreglass lining of new and existing swimming pools, Gunite, Fibreglass and Concrete shells with 450 gram matt and tissue (2 x 300 gram matt and tissue for suspended or above ground pools) using G4 Primer, Isophthalic Resin and Vinyl Ester Resin (for heated pools)
  • Removing bulges from Fibreglass shells
  • Copings and Paving around the swimming pool area using Revelstone, Cape Paving or Corobrik pavers
  • Composite wood decking
  • Installation of Pumps, Filters, Salt Chlorinators, UVC Ionizers and In-Line Chlorine Feeders

Other Services Offered

  • Converting pools to Water Neutral Pools
  • Pool covers; Safety, Solar, Leaf net and Automated
  • Replacement of Pumps, Filters, Lights, and pool Distribution Boards
  • Solar heating and Heat Pump installations
  • Regular weekly and fortnightly pool service contracts
  • Leak detection / Pressure Testing
  • Relining of pipes where it is not possible to replace pipes
  • Stainless Steel water features, ladders and railings

about us

Peninsula Pool Renovations opened its doors on the 12th of March 2011, however, I have been involved in the swimming pool industry since 1984, when I began working in a pool shop over weekends and during the school holidays.

Over the past decades I have accumulated extensive knowledge of the industry, having gained experience in the sales, service, construction, renovation, finishing and supply sides of the industry.

During this time we have won numerous National Pool and Spa Institute awards for Swimming Pool Renovations with two companies I was involved with previously and to date, Peninsula Pool Renovations have won 6 National Awards.

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Shean Painters
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Shean Painters 
Dennis: 082 4902 609
021 557 5053
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Shean Painters only values quality service, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paint. We have used only the cleanest, healthiest paints and finishes for the residential and commercial industries right from when the company opened its doors, it was only natural to offer our services to benefit our markets needs. Our paints contain no acrylic, no fungicide, no co-polymers and no worries! Our paints are very much needed, as your health demands it, and we will provide it.

Our Commitment

In any business, client satisfaction should be a top priority, and that is what we have build ourselves on. From the healthiest products that demonstrate satisfactory results, to the highest standards of quality, and to share ideas to help you restore, rejuvenate and reimagine furniture. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our extensive services and look forward to helping you fulfill your creative need and bring your home or business to life.

Painting services

painting servicespainting services

Residential and Industrial

We offer the service of painting residential homes of all sizes, small or large, as well as industrial factories and offices. We offer you the choice of either painting a specific room or the whole premises itself and we also assist in repairing any form of wall damage, such as cracks, nail pops and holes, before proceeding in preparing and proceeding in the painting process, this includes the case of removing wallpaper and replacing it with a painted surface. In the process of preparation, we will move all furniture that has the possibility of paint damage and protecting it by means of either moving it to a safe place or by covering it with a sheet of protective material.

Painting - redecoratingpainting - walls

Interior and Exterior

Our painting services include both interior and exterior surfaces which all in all, provide a good overall update and look should you decide to completely paint your company premises or your personal home inside and out. Preparation for the exterior of your premises includes removing any form of debris, dirt and nails then masking the windows and doors as well as their frames. This will make attention to detail a lot easier to execute and as a result will improve the speed of the painting process. The paint that we use is of high quality and as a result will withstand all weather conditions for a long period of time.


Specialise in all paintwork

We specialise in all forms of paintwork (including touch-ups, repaints, etc) for any kind of building or premises such as flats, residential homes, company factories, office blocks, public buildings and other types of buildings available.  Our services are available in all parts of the Cape Town region and we offer them at competitive prices. Just contact us via email or a phone call and one our friendly consultants will be able to assist you in the best possible way and provide you with additional information along with a quote to suit your requirements.

Silvertree Landscapes and Tree Felling

Contact Silvertree Landscapes and Tree Felling

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c: 073 982 9920

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Welcome to Silvertree Landscapes. Providing a friendly and professional service to our clients.

We specialise in landscaping and landscape maintenance. Having completed my National diploma in landscape technology I have created landscapes in London, France, Australia and South Africa. I have always made sure to work in good companies that are members of a professional trade body.With over 23 years of experience in my industry I am confident in meeting your goals in creating a landscape to come home to. Our market includes outdoor spaces for residential and commercial clients,Garden Designers and Landscape Architects.

Committed to quality, value and service


Silvertree Landscapes creates landscapes of excellence. From soil preparation to plant selection your landscape will be produced with sound horticultural practice.

Landscape Maintenance

Protect your investment and retain your garden’s optimal beauty with the care, assistance and advice of Silvertree Landscapes.

Tree Care

We are capable of successfully accomplishing the most complicated, large scale projects but also flexible and independent enough to attend to individual assignments for our private clients.



Super Floors
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Contact Person: Luke Koning

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C: 083 633 8268


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Welcome to Super Floors

Super Floors is a flooring company, operating since 2005 in Cape Town, western cape, SA. It was because of the concerted efforts of Luke Koning and Alan Newton that this company emerged. In the initial years, its services revolved only around dustless wooden floor sanding and finishing.

Presently, Super Floors’ services include Wood Floors repairs, installations, refurbishments and decking. We also have expertise in wood Floor sealing.Today, Super Floors prides itself on being the Western Cape’s market leader in quality installations, repairs and wood Floors finishes. Our cost to refinish Wood Floors are also Budget Friendly.

We have extensive experience in the application of oils, stains and “lime-washes”, we own our own equipment and we use only the very best locally manufactured and imported oils, waxes and sealers that are carefully selected to ensure both a quality finish and the continued health and wellbeing of our employees, who apply same on a daily basis.”


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